1st May 2024: Financial Crime: The FCA’s 4 areas of focus Networking Breakfast

Financial crime remains a significant challenge and one that demands collective action and unwavering commitment. In light of recent developments and the evolving landscape, Complyport is delighted to extend an invitation to our upcoming breakfast networking event, where we will delve into the critical themes outlined in the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) recent publication on their areas of focus for financial crime.


Event Details:

  • Date: 1st May 2024
  • Time: 9.30 am – 11.30am
  • Location: Complyport, 34 Lime St, London. EC3M 7AT

Please email sukh.vairea@complyport.co.uk to register your interest.


About the Event

The FCA’s recent publication underscores the importance of collaborative efforts across four key areas of focus. As Mark Francis, FCA Director of Wholesale and Unauthorised Business Investigations, emphasises, progress in combating financial crime demands a unified approach.

Key Topics Include:

  1. Data and Technology: Harnessing innovation to combat emerging risks.
  2. Collaboration: Strengthening partnerships to enhance information sharing.
  3. Awareness: Empowering consumers to identify and mitigate fraudulent activities.
  4. Metrics: Establishing robust frameworks to measure impact and efficacy.

Why Attend?

Join us as we explore the FCA’s areas of focus and explore actionable strategies to combat financial crime effectively. The event will feature insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and practical insights from our industry experts.

Our Hosts:


Join Us:

Please email sukh.vairea@complyport.co.uk to register your interest.


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