AIFMD: Annex IV Reporting Issues

Problems encountered by firms in meeting the demanding Annex IV reporting requirements (SUP 16.18) has led the FCA to issue a further set of Q&As to assist firms and which:

  • Highlight aspects of AIFMD reporting where questions have been misinterpreted by some AIFMS;
  • Identify where AIFMs have provided inconsistent responses to connected questions; and
  • Provided further information on the general use and functionality of GABRIEL

Q16 (page 10) may be of particular assistance as it concerns common errors or mistakes identified by the FCA.

How can we help?

Responding to demand from our clients, Complyport recognises that the complexity of the data that firms will have to report either via GABRIEL or XML can be a challenge and that many firms are unprepared for this task. To complement its financial returns review service, Complyport also offers a standalone AIFMD Annex IV XML Reporting Service on a ‘per submission’ fee basis that covers:

  • Advice on AIFMD Annex IV data sourcing;
  • Advice on the reporting frequency;
  • Customised Excel templates for data collection;
  • Advice on data items and Excel template completion;
  • Full data validation against XML rules;
  • Help with the production of appropriate XML version return files from Excel data templates;
  • Advice and assistance on direct submission to the FCA via GABRIEL or via XML; and
  • Instruction and help on final submission procedures.

To find out more please contact us on +44 (0)20 7399 4980 or email us at .

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