Asset Management Authorisation Hub

Of relevance to: All new asset management firms applying for FCA authorisation

The FCA have launched the Asset Management Authorisation Hub to support new asset management firms when they apply for authorisation, throughout the authorisation process and afterwards:

  • early stages – things to consider before applying;
  • pre-application – preparing your application;
  • application – making your application; and
  • after authorisation – what you need to do once you are authorised.

Phase one of the Asset Management Authorisation Hub consists of:

  • dedicated web pages for asset managers;
  • weekly pre-application meetings for asset managers;
  • dedicated and named case officer from day one; and
  • improved support in transitioning newly authorised firms to supervision.

There is a useful graphic at ‘Steps to becoming regulated’.

Further phases of the hub will be rolled out throughout 2018, featuring open days and surgeries for firms.

The FCA’s intention is to aid new entrants to the asset management sector and help new firms understand it better as an organisation, particularly by clarifying expectations with better guidance on regulations and processes.

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