Associate Firms

Complyport’s Associate Programme provides the opportunity to top-quality regulatory advisory firms and governance, risk and compliance professionals to work together, share knowledge, resources, training and technology with Complyport and its expert teams.

Current Partners

Complyport (HK) Limited is an independent associate of Complyport and operates under a cooperation agreement for Asia and Pacific. It provides dedicated regulatory and compliance support to its clients which include some of the industry’s largest multi-jurisdiction fund managers (both hedge and private equity), each typically with global assets under management exceeding $1bn. In addition, it supports several global institutional brokers, one investment bank, and certain other financial service providers. The firm brings 17 years of credible local experience and an unrivaled technical expertise in Hong Kong regulation and market practice, setting it apart from other recent entrants into the compliance services sector in Asia. 

The firm provides bespoke, cost-effective compliance and regulatory advisory services to the local offices of international asset management firms and institutional securities brokers, drawing on real local knowledge and insight gained over many years of practice. It provides professional support to firms which prefer not to retain a law firm, lack a work load sufficient to justify employment of full-time compliance staff, or have a substantial compliance function overseas but require independent and proactive supervision of their Hong Kong office with concurrent reporting to their home office.
The firm was recognised as Hong Kong’s Best Advisory Firm — Client Service in 2014 and as Best Advisory Firm — Regulation and Compliance in 2015 at the HFM Asia Hedge Fund Service Awards.


MAP Risk Management Services (MAP RMS) offers financial risk and capital adequacy reporting, financial risk consulting and training services. MAP RMS assists financial entities with the preparation and review of their financial reporting obligations (FSA, COREP, AIFMD, ICAAP/ILAAP, Wind-down, Recovery Plans, Business Planning etc) to the competent authorities in the EU and the UK as well as consulting solutions for future business and capital planning. MAP RMS provides unique and tailored solutions to financial entities for the establishment of comprehensive and effective risk management policies and procedures within a firm, ensuring the identification, monitoring and mitigation of each risk. MAP RMS also delivers risk management trainings on ISO31000 methodology, CRDIV/CRR, ICAAP/ILAA and the upcoming IFR/IFD, CRDV/CRRII.

Established in August 2013, Alpha has extensive experience in leading applicants through the complex process of obtaining regulatory licenses in the UK and abroad and providing ongoing support. Alpha assists all FSMA, PSD II and Gambling Commission license types and associated variations thereof. Paul Sawyer, Alpha’s Director has nearly 45 years experience in financial services and adopts a very ‘hands on’ role within the firm thus facilitating a very tailored, close relationship with Alpha’s clients with an immediate focus on their needs and requirements. It provides the client with the knowledge and comfort that they are dealing with a very experienced, direct agency.

The London Governance & Compliance Academy is a premium learning provider specialising in governance, risk and compliance training. With over 200 courses available online via elearning and virtual classrooms as well as face to face, they specialise in providing practical & essential knowledge and skills for professionals to excel in their careers and meet the demands of today’s financial sector. LGCA draw on a strong team of affiliate institutions as well as expert trainers, who are amongst the most experienced and renowned specialists in their fields, to provide current, innovative and tailed professional training courses.

MAP FinTech is a leading and award-winning regulatory technology provider for the financial services industry, specialising in reporting solutions arising from the requirements of a number of complex and challenging international regulations such as EMIR, MiFID II/MiFIR, SFTR, FATCA and CRS. MAP FinTech also provides innovative and comprehensive solutions for Best Execution Monitoring, RTS 27/28 reporting, AI-Enabled AML Transaction Monitoring and Screening, Trade Surveillance (Market Abuse), and eKYC (Screening, eIDV, Document Authentication).

Quadprime is an independent consulting agency, which provides exclusively Risk, Security and Operational Resilience services. We support organisations to proactively plan to prevent adverse events, protect and restore their value. Quadprime works with the leadership of organisations to help them protect their operations, their people and other assets through managing risks and responding to disruptive events such as crises and emergencies. We work across a range of sectors and organisation types namely state critical infrastructure, essential service operators, health, ISPs & telecoms, education, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, banking, law and corporate services providers. Our clients seek our services when they are searching for bespoke Information Security and Cyber resilience services, Security Risk surveys, and sustainable data protection compliance. They turn to Quadprime’s support, when they are not certain if their controls are sufficient to protect their value or they need to test their operational resilience capability. A number of organisations looking for peace of mind from the continuous personal data protection or information security support as a continuous service (CISO and DPO as a service) from a dedicated and specialised team of experts.

Exevion is a new type of consultancy formed in 2021 with the specific aim of delivering high quality solutions to businesses in areas which complement existing teams. Their methodology aims to:
-Understand: What the business stands for and the opportunity / problems being solved
-Analyse, Adapt & Plan: Review the strategy and roadmap from A-Z, identify capability gaps, address potential challenges and align the business for success
-Execute & Deliver: Provide the hands-on support, infrastructure and talent required to make it happen.
This methodology can help the business take an objective view of where they are, where they need to be (and when) and create and deliver a plan to achieve just that.

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