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With more than 20 years of experience as governance, risk, and compliance consultants, our Group have helped over 1,000 firms in the financial services industry to get authorised with the FCA and European Union Regulators. With this impeccable track record and our vast experience, we are well placed to advise financial services firms on FCA and EU application and authorisation best practise. We can also provide insight to ensure your FCA and/or EU authorisation is accepted with as little fuss as possible.

Within the Authorisation service, Complyport’s experts will supply your company with all its compliance documents, policies and procedures to ensure you are up to date and ready to trade once the Authorisation is successful.

How we can Help

With Complyport’s pan European coverage, we assist firms who are looking to be authorised outside of the UK as well. Based on our expertise and experience, the following is a full list of European jurisdictions in which we can manage financial services authorisations:

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    Watch our FCA Authorisation Webinar

    The FCA’s authorisation process is already a rigorous and complicated undertaking for any new firm looking to join the UK financial services market. This process has been exasperated by external factors such as ongoing issues related to COVID 19 and Brexit, and the FCA’s stricter approach when it comes to reviewing applications. The regulator is looking for businesses wishing to carry out prescribed ‘regulated activities’ to demonstrate that they are ‘ready, willing and organised’ to be regulated, with robust systems and controls needed to manage regulatory risks and a firm-wide understanding of the FCA’s current priorities In this webinar, Richard Corbyn (Director, Authorisations) and Panayiotis Antoniou (Head, Risk Management and Prudential Services) discussed some of the key changes that firms looking to apply for direct FCA authorisation will face. During this webinar, we discussed: What it means, in practice, to be ‘ready, willing and organised’ The FCA’s threshold conditions for authorisation The FCA’s principles for business Changes to the FCA’s authorisation fee structure Changes to the capital requirements firms need to be regulated