The use of blockchain technology has seen a tremendous growth during the last few years and can be applied in a large variety of sectors (e.g. trade and commerce, healthcare, governance etc.). Potential applications of the blockchain technology can include fund transfers, pledging of collateral, registration of shares, settling trades, voting, and many other issues.

In its most widely used form nowadays, blockchain is the technology that forms the backbone of the crypto-market. It is the technology behind the large variety of cryptocurrencies currently in circulation (i.e. the technology that cryptocurrencies can run).

Cryptocurrencies or Cryptos has become a “buzzword” recently which refers to a form of virtual/digital currencies (i.e. a digital representation of value, issued by private developers and denominated in their own unit of account) that utilise a technological technique better known as cryptography.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
An ICO is a new way of raising money from the public, using so-called coins or tokens. In an ICO, a business or individual issues coins or tokens and puts them for sale in exchange for fiat currencies, such as the Euro, or more often virtual currencies, e.g. Bitcoin or Ether.

ICOs are used to raise funds for a variety of projects, including but not limited to businesses leveraging on the Blockchain.

The features and purpose of the coins or tokens vary across ICOs:

  • Some coins or tokens serve to access or purchase a service or product that the issuer develops using the proceeds of the ICO (usually called utility tokens);
  • Others provide voting rights or a share in the future revenues of the issuing venture (usually called security or asset tokens);
  • Some have no tangible value; and
  • Some coins or tokens are traded and/or may be exchanged into fiat or virtual currencies at specialised coin exchanges after issuance.

How can Complyport assist you?
Complyport with its multidisciplinary team can offer the following services in relation to Cryptocurrencies and ICOs:

Blockchain expertise
We can provide you with advice and consultation in relation the vast spectrum of the blockchain technology. We can assist and advise in any blockchain implementation (including the development of tokens) such as:

  • Determine the best possible way to include and use blockchain technologies in your business.
  • Assist in developing and incorporating the blockchain technology into your business.
  • Due diligence audits that provide management with insights and guidance on their platform, technology development, use case, token economy, product roadmap and business model.
  • Assistance and guidance on Asset Tokenisation.

Cryptocurrency expertise

  • Listing of Tokens on Exchanges. Assistance with the process of conducting due diligence on tokens applying to be traded on an exchange as well as assisting with the relevant applications.
  • Setup of Crypto Exchange. We can assist with the incorporation, jurisdiction guidance, legal support and regulatory licensing of Crypto Exchanges worldwide.
  • Storing and exchanging of cryptocurrencies. We can guide you with the purchase, sale, conversion and storing of cryptocurrencies.

ICO expertise

  • Assessing your needs. We will assist you assess your needs and ensure that your ICO meets your objectives.
  • Legal and regulatory support and advice. Depending on the functionality of the chosen token model, an ICO may be subject to licensing or other regulatory requirements (e.g. AML). We will help you navigate through the complex legal requirements and obtain any regulatory approvals, when needed.
  • Guidance. We will help you navigate complex accounting rules and reporting requirements, pressures on time and resources, and managing new stakeholders during the ICO process.
  • Corporate setup. We will help you with respect to the implementation of an established, accepted and transparent structure to best fit your needs.
  • Marketing and token launching support. We will assist you with the launching of your token as well as with all marketing/advertising needs to make your ICO successful.
  • Whitepaper development. We will assist you develop an appealing whitepaper to the market to demonstrate your project’s concept, application, benefits, potential and opportunities.

We can provide to any number of participants tailored education via on-site and online courses/seminars that cover, among others, the following topics:

  • An introduction to distributed ledger technology, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Types of ICOs, tokens and ICO process.
  • Trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Regulation, strategy, the state of the technology, real world use cases applications.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.