Changes to SUP 16

The FSA have proposed four small changes to data item FSA003, improving the data reported by firms to the FSA. The amendments are relevant to all firms subject to the Capital Requirements Directive.

Changes made to SUP 16 Annexes 24R (Data items) and 25G (Guidance notes) can be found in Appendix 12 (ignore the erroneous face sheet to Appendix 12) of the QCP. Fields titled ‘capital planning buffer’, ‘draw down of capital planning buffer’, ‘surplus/(deficit) total capital over ICG and capital planning buffer’ and ‘surplus/(deficit) general purpose capital over ICG and capital planning buffer’ are added into FSA003.

These support Handbook changes that were proposed in CP09/30 (‘Capital Planning Buffers’, see Regulatory Roundup #6) which sets out the details on the intended separation of the individual capital guidance (ICG) and capital planning buffer (CPB), and the severance of the CPB and the financial adequacy rule (GENPRU 1.2.26R).

The overall aim of the four changes is to clarify that the CPB is a separate amount from the ICG and that ‘the CPB can be drawn down during adverse external circumstances’.

For those interested in other data item changes, the FSA include proposals relevant to FSA015 (sectorial information, including arrears and impairment), FSA044 (analysis of assets and deposits by maturity band – see article on BIPRU 12) and the Retail Mediation Activities Return within the QCP.

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