Complyport Welcomes Alpha Capital Compliance Into Its Associate Programme

Complyport is delighted to welcome Alpha Capital Compliance as the latest member of its Associate Programme. Complyport’s Associate Programme provides the opportunity to top-quality  regulatory advisory firms and governance, risk and compliance professionals to work together, share knowledge, resources, training and technology with Complyport and its expert teams.

Alpha Capital Compliance has extensive experience managing FCA applications and providing support and advice to financial services firms. They are well known for their hands-on and tailored approach and exceptional service.

Paul Granger, Complyport CEO, welcomed Alpha Capital Compliance and its team, stating that, “We are excited to work alongside Alpha Capital Compliance, as well as all our Associate Programme members, to use our extensive regulatory knowledge and first-hand experience to assist financial services firms.”

Paul Sawyer, Alpha Capital Compliance’s Director, affirmed that “Alpha is thrilled to collaborate with such a renowned firm, opening the door for Alpha to access exceptional knowledge, depth of expertise and support and paving a very exciting path for Alpha and its clients.”

Complyport is a regulatory compliance consulting firm supporting the UK financial services industry for more than 20 years, specialising in providing Governance, Risk and Compliance services in the UK and overseas. Complyport advises and assists firms to become authorised and to comply with the rules and requirements of regulators on an ongoing basis; they have successfully assisted over 300 firms to become FCA authorised and have been providing regulatory support to over 500 regulated firms on an ongoing basis at a Group level. With presence in the UK, EU and Hong Kong, Complyport has the infrastructure and know-how to assist firms seamlessly across multiple jurisdictions.

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