Cryptoassets to Be Subject to FCA’s Financial Promotions Regime



In the rapidly evolving world of cryptoassets, staying on the right side of the law is paramount. If you’re a cryptoasset firm operating in the UK or marketing to UK consumers, you need to be aware of significant changes coming into effect. From the 8th of October 2023, cryptoasset firms with now be subject to the FCA’s Financial Promotions Regime.

Understanding the New Rules

In this video, Complyport’s Thomas Salmon provides a summary of what you need to know:

Q1: What is a financial promotion?

A financial promotion is any form of communication designed to encourage engagement in investment or financial activity. This includes advertisements, social media posts, emails, and other marketing materials. The crucial takeaway is that these communications must be clear, fair, and not misleading.

Q2: Routes for Communicating Financial Promotions

To communicate financial promotions in the UK, your firm must either be registered under the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) or have your promotions approved by an FCA-authorised firm. Failure to comply can result in substantial penalties, including fines and legal action.

Q3: What if My Firm Isn’t Prepared?

If your firm is not adequately prepared for these changes, you’re exposing yourself to significant risks. However, there may be an opportunity for an extension, allowing your firm time to get its affairs in order. Complyport can assist you in applying for this extension and guide you through the compliance journey.

Q4: What Are the Next Steps?

If you’re uncertain about any aspect of these new rules, it’s crucial to consult a compliance expert. Complyport can assist your firm in reviewing your marketing materials, guide you through the registration or approval process, and provide ongoing support to ensure you remain compliant.


How Complyport Can Support You

As experienced and leading Compliance Consultants, we provide tailored support to cryptoasset firms seeking clarity and full compliance with these new FCA regulations.

Whether it’s helping you to understand the financial promotions rules or aiding you in applying for the 8 January 2024 extension, our experts can help.


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