Economic Crime (Anti-Money Laundering) Levy: FCA Submission Deadline

The Economic Crime (Anti-Money Laundering) Levy was introduced as part of the government’s wider 2019 Economic Crime Plan (ECP), aiming to reduce economic crime. The Levy applies to entities regulated for anti-money laundering (AML) purposes, and will be collected by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the FCA, and the Gambling Commission. Payments will be an annual fixed fee determined by the firm’s UK revenue, with the first collection due in the financial year of 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024.

Impacted firms include:

  • credit institutions
  • financial institutions
  • auditors, insolvency practitioners, external accountants, and tax advisers
  • independent legal professionals
  • trust or company service providers
  • estate and lettings agents
  • high value dealers, casinos, auction platforms and art market participants
  • crypto asset exchange providers and custodian wallet providers

The fee will be based on four size bands:

  • small (under £10.2m UK revenue)
  • medium (£10.2m – £36m)
  • large (£36m – £1bn)
  • very large (over £1bn)

While small entities will be exempt from the levy, medium entities will need to pay £10,000, large entities £36,000 and entities classified as very large will be charged £250,000.

Firms in-scope registered with the FCA must submit their data via the new Reg Data Report (FIN074) from 1st April 2023. Failure to submit this form may lead to an administrative fee of £250.

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