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EMIR, MiFIR, & SFTR Advisory Support and Health Check Services

Many organisations, including Investment Firms, Banks, Funds and other entities are obliged to submit various reports to Trade Repositories, ARMS, or their Regulator under SFTR, EMIR-REFIT and MiFIR rules. 

These reports contain a level of detail that requires a certain level of sophistication and deep understanding of the ruleset.  

In the UK the FCA has carried out a series of reporting reviews (and is expected to continue to do so) identifying shortcomings to the overall level of compliance with regulations.   

How can we help?

Complyport can assist reporting firms to identify and remediate (where necessary) regulatory reports by reviewing MiFIR/EMIR/SFTR reports: 

  • Reconciling back or middle office data with data reported under the various regimes; 
  • Field by field review of EMIR/MiFIR/SFTR reports as submitted to the TRs/ARMs/NCAs; 
  • Identifying reportable instruments; 
  • Remediation of reports by recommending actionable amendments to the reporting styles; 
  • Consulting on a on-going basis for reporting issues; 
  • Provision of reporting templates customised for each party’s specific needs; and 
  • Gap analysis for upcoming changes to reports (e.g. from EMIR to EMIR-REFIT). 
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