FCA IFPR Questionnaire – What to expect?

The introduction of the IFPR regime is fast approaching (January 2022), and the FCA are taking steps to contact firms in preparation of launch. The FCA will shortly be sending out to firms a questionnaire, collecting the data they require to set-up firms reporting requirements in RegData.

Earlier this year, the FCA has sent out the “IFPR Financial Resources Transitional Questionnaire” to collect data from FCA investment firms with individual guidance. The new FCA Questionnaire will be sent out to all existing FCA investment firms in November 2021.

The IFPR will include firms that are currently subject to BIPRU, IFPRU, and will incorporate exempt CAD firms. For information, on whom IFPR applies to click here.


IFPR Questionnaire – what to expect

The questionnaire will ask for core information including:

  • Expected SNI (or non-SNI) status
  • Investment firm group membership / composition
  • Expected ICARA reporting date (the replacement for ICAAP)

The responses to the questionnaire will be analysed by the FCA and used to set up the prudential reports and reporting schedule in RegData. It will be a short questionnaire of 2 or 3 pages, but it is essential for firms to complete in advance of IFPR’s launch.

The FCA have indicated that firms with a reporting deadline at the end of 31st December 2021 will still need to complete their current reports to RegData – until the new reports have been set up post IFPR’s launch. There will be a period of overlap between the current and new prudential regimes.


IFPR Questionnaire – why is this important

The FCA will be communicating the questionnaire to firms, including newsletters, emails and its website, in advance of the questionnaire being issued. It is likely that the FCA will provide an email inbox and a guidance document on the questionnaire – this will be confirmed in due course.

All firms sent the questionnaire should complete in full, to ensure that they receive the right reporting schedule when IFPR launches.


Information about IFPR

For details on IFPR and the changes being introduced, information can be found in an earlier article.


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