The risks associated with data protection and security should not be overlooked. Breaches can attract large fines and criminal prosecutions, as well as negative publicity that can lead to a great deal of commercial embarrassment. The UK’s privacy watchdog, The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), frequently takes action against firms that fail to fulfil their responsibilities.

Businesses subject to the regime will need to ensure that they comply with the eight principles established by the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended). This is no easy task and it is essential that firms diligently work their way through the regulations to get it right.

Whilst firms will need to guard against the more established risks associated with data security, technology brings with it a whole new raft of challenges arising through websites, remote working practices and network security.

Complyport can assist with:

  • Data protection Healthcheck;
  • Drafting and implementing data security policies and procedures;
  • Data protection training – both via our online training portal (ComplyTrainer) and face-to-face;
  • Website data protection issues and regulation of cookies.

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