27th Sep 2023: Free Webinar – Operational Resilience & Cybersecurity For FCA-Regulated Firms

According to the FCA’s regulatory focus in the coming months, all regulated firms need to place increased focus on building robust operational resilience and IT frameworks in a bid to mitigate compromising their operational and cybersecurity infrastructure, thus protecting customers and ensuring business continuity in the face of threats such as cyber-attacks, IT system failures, third-party supplier failures, natural disasters and pandemics.

At Complyport, we believe that achieving resilience in these areas does not only mean adhering to compliance but also enhancing the core capabilities of your business.

With this in mind, we are delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar, “Operational Resilience & Cybersecurity for FCA-Regulated Firms“.

• Date: 27th September 2023
• Time: 11am (GMT)
• Platform: Zoom – Live Online
• Duration: 60 Minutes
• Price: FREE

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Head of Cybersecurity and Operational Resilience Advisory. Complyport
Luis Parra 
Head of Regulatory Technology. Complyport
AML & Financial Crime, Operational Resilience, Regulatory Compliance Subject Matter Expert, Complyport



Thomas Salmon – Regulatory Business Solutions, Complyport


This session aims to present our specialist approach to:

  1. Navigating the REP018 Operational and Security Risk Report
  2. Performing a comprehensive IT Audit
  3. Creating a strategic Annual IT Audit Plan
  4. Understanding and implementing the FCA’s Operational Resilience Policy (PS21/3)

Key webinar highlights include:

  • Understanding Risk Management for innovative technologies
  • Navigating REP018 Reporting for Payment Service Providers (PSPs)  – rationale behind the 10 points of REP018 EMI – Form
  • Learning the essentials of an IT Audit in terms of annual planning, execution, reporting and follow-up
  • Understanding the nature of customer complaints and linking them to your operational resilience strategy

Our speakers will shed light on the FCA’s operational resilience requirements and how firms can reinforce, strengthen and enhance stability in their processes, systems, and controls.

Our goal is to guide your firm in identifying essential business services, establishing impact tolerances for maximum tolerable disruption, and conducting adequate mapping and testing. Furthermore, we aim to assist you in developing your operational resilience framework, tailoring it to your clients’ needs and services offered.

Reserve your spot today to take advantage of this opportunity.

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We look forward to welcoming you on 27th September 2023 and aiding your journey to operational resilience.


How can Complyport Help?

Our Operational Resilience (OR) team specialises in building robust and digitally enabled solutions to strengthen your Operational Resilience capabilities. Our comprehensive range of OR and IT services is designed to support your journey towards Operational Resilience and OR regulatory compliance. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Operational Resilience Programme Support
    • Initiation and implementation of advanced operational resilience strategies
    • Operational Resilience Impact Assessment to identify potential gaps
    • Expert guidance in defining risk scenarios and optimising continuity strategies
  • Ongoing Operational Resilience Support
    • Ensuring compliance with regulators’ requirements
    • Detailed report as a roadmap to achieve regulatory compliance
    • Health-check and progress assessment for sustainable resilience methodologies
  • Comprehensive IT Audit, IT Audit Report, and Annual IT Audit Plan
    • Address IT challenges
    • Improve IT governance
    • Meet stakeholders’ expectations and compliance and assurance responsibilities in the context of IT
    • Comprehensive auditing of IT systems
    •  Audit Report and establish an Annual IT Audit Plan
  • Cyber Risk Management Support
    • Supporting in development of a cybersecurity risk management methodology
    • Detailed risk assessment and development of a risk register
    • Risk mitigation assistance
  • Third Party Risk Management Services
    • Effective management of outsourcing and third-party risk
    • Evaluation of practices against regulatory requirements
    • Remediation assistance
  • Efficient Day-to-day Operational Processes
    • Comprehensive operational process management
  • Operational Resilience Assurance
    • Demonstrating to stakeholders the effectiveness of your operational resilience framework
    • Support during testing of operational resilience plans
    • Independent assurance report with a granular view on control effectiveness
  • REP018 Report
    • A risk assessment on operational resilience and information security
    • An analysis of the risk assessment findings

For tailor-made services that align with your company’s needs, get in touch with Complyport. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving operational resilience excellence and meeting your regulatory expectations. Contact us today at thomas.salmon@complyport.co.uk

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