Legal Entity Identifiers

Of relevance to: Any firm subject to MiFID II transaction reporting obligations
Key date: LEIs must be in place by 3 January 2018

From 3 January 2018, any firm subject to MiFID II transaction reporting obligations will not be able to execute a trade on behalf of a client who is eligible for a Legal Entity Identifier (“LEI”) and does not have one.

This will include any client that is a company, charity or trust eligible for an LEI.

An LEI is a unique identifier for persons that are legal entities or structures including companies, charities and trusts. The obligation for legal entities or structures to obtain an LEI was endorsed by the G20 (the leaders of the 20 largest economies). Further information on LEIs, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be found on the Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee (LEIROC) and Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) websites.

An LEI is a code unique to that legal entity or structure. When an LEI code is allocated to you, the code is included in a global data system. This enables every legal entity or structure that is a party to a relevant financial transaction to be identified in any jurisdiction.

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