Navigating the Financial Promotions Gateway Ahead of the FCA Deadline, 7th February 2024

As we approach February 2024, we would like to take this moment to remind you that the Financial Promotions Gateway regime Financial Promotions Gateway regime will start to be applied by the FCA from the 7th February 2024. Therefore if you currently approve financial promotions for unauthorised persons then you must apply to the FCA to become a Section 21 approver before 6th February 2024. If this deadline is not met then you must cease approving financial promotions for unauthorised persons until approval is granted.

Securing approval as a Section 21 approver involves submitting a Variation of Permission (VoP) through the Connect platform, accompanied by a completed financial promotions form. This form, situated at the bottom of the VoP draft under ‘related returns,’ is instrumental in evaluating the impact of the added responsibility on the applicant’s business model, capital requirements, IT systems, and indemnity insurance.

The main element of the application, the Financial Promotions form, looks at how the added responsibility of being a Section 21 approver will affect your firm. The main elements explored within the form are as follows:

  • Your firm’s current Financial Promotions Policy;
  • How your firm will monitor any firm for whom you approve financial promotions;
  • Key information that will be recorded and fed to the Board;
  • How many financial promotions you have approved for unauthorised firms in the last 3, 6 and 12 months; and
  • How much will be charged to approve financial promotions for other firms and expected revenue generation from such a service.

It is important to note that, upon obtaining approval to oversee financial promotions, your firm will be obligated to submit a REP024 – Financial Promotions, Aggregated Biannual report through RegData every 6-months.


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