Non-GABRIEL Paper Reports

From 19 September up to seven ‘new’ types of reports will be scheduled on GABRIEL.

The reports on GABRIEL will actually be ‘Non-GABRIEL Paper’ (NGP) reports. Although at first sight this may seem contradictory, NGPs are the paper-based reports e.g. the close links report required under SUP 16.5.4 that are submitted to the FSA outside of the GABRIEL system. These reports will also have their own reference number so that the aforementioned close links report, for instance, will be NGP001.

Firms will see the required NGP reports in the GABRIEL reporting schedule but will not be able to enter data or submit the report via GABRIEL; the purpose is simply to help firms with their regulatory reporting. To further assist, GABRIEL will also send automated reminder emails to let firms know that a report is due for submission.

For the full range of NGP reports, together with clarification of the methods of submission, please see the link to FAQs.