Open to Feedback: FCA Seeks Input on New Consumer Credit Data Reporting

Open to Feedback

The FCA published Consultation Paper CP23/21: Consumer Credit- Product Sales Data Reporting on  27th of September 2023.

Through this FCA is currently seeking feedback on its proposal to introduce three new product sales data (PSD) returns into its Supervision Manual (SUP 16). The returns will help the FCA to gather further data about the consumer credit market from firms that provide consumer credit lending products.

How Will the FCA Use This Data?

The data will assist the FCA in understanding how firms operate, enabling the FCA to make quicker and bolder decisions on how it supervises these firms. The returns will also allow the FCA to (2.13 of CP23/21):

  • Develop and provide supervisory strategies across the consumer credit market.
  • Shape the development of its policy-making agenda and the delivery of rules.
  • Produce market insights to understand key harms, commence analysis to prioritise harms and direct thematic work.

Costs to Firms

The FCA acknowledges that there will be costs to firms in collecting and reporting the data to them, however the FCA’s objective is to reduce the burden and costs by ensuring a balance. This is through added benefits such as RegData, enabling firms to submit data in a single way instead of by ad hoc requests (2.16 of CP23/21).

How to Submit Feedback?

Submit feedback by using the online response form available on the FCA website or the address on page 2 of the Consultation Paper.

Deadline for feedback

The deadline for feedback is 15th of November 2023. After the deadline, the FCA will consider feedback and aim to publish a final Policy Statement which will include their response to feedback in Q1/2024.

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Provision of Appropriate Compliance Documentation

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