Russian Central Bank Cracks down on unauthorised foreign CFD firms

The Bank of Russia published a list, 1st June 2021, of over 1,800 organisations and internet projects, where they have “identified signs of a financial pyramid, an illegal creditor or a professional securities market participant”.

Bank of Russia publishes list of companies with signs of illegal activity | Bank of Russia (

The Bank has adopted an aggressive stance, to “offshore” financial service organisations operating within Russia without their authorisation.

The list that the bank have published includes a number of prominent international CFD firms, who have appear on the Banks database. The list gives the name, the nature of illegal activity, their website address and other additional information.

It is a clear warning sign that the authorities are adopting a hostile stance to any such illegal activity.
This is not the first time the Bank has taken action against firms, particularly CFD firms, but whilst the list they have provided is a Russian “wall of shame” it will likely draw attention to firms activities in other regions too.

Other regulators, such as the US, Belgian, Canadian, French, Japanese and Polish for example, have adopted a similar stance to unauthorised CFD firms operating in their jurisdiction.

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