Systems and Controls Questionnaire FSA055

Although still a good two months or so away, an early reminder that a new data item (FSA055) will become due for completion on 31 December for non-ILAS BIPRU firms (basically BIPRU limited licence; BIPRU limited activity; and exempt full scope BIPRU investment firms). Please see Regulatory Roundup 2 & 4 for background details.

The FSA055 is currently referenced in SUP 16.12 although by virtue of SUP TP1 (12T) the first reporting period ends on 31 December 2010.

Note that it is an annual return and that the reporting period is calendar based (as opposed to accounting reference date based).

No specific action should be required by firms as the return should appear as one of the data items to be completed on GABRIEL.

The link will allow you to preview FSA055 to ensure that at the time you will be able to provide the ‘right answers’ in a timely manner – especially as it has to be submitted within 15 business days.

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