Telephone Numbers

A firm is required, on an annual basis, to check the accuracy of its standing data (defined in the attached link) on the FSA website within 30 business days of its accounting reference date and report any changes to the FSA (SUP 16.10.4R). A firm must also give the FSA ‘reasonable advance notice’ of any change of name, address or, where applicable, change in overseas supervision (SUP 15.5).

It is proposed to add to SUP 15.5 the need to provide the FSA with prior notice of any change in the telephone numbers of the firm’s principal place of business in the UK.

Subject to a consultation period ending 6 March, the final rules should be published, and come into effect, in Q2 2011.

The proposed changes to the handbook can be found in Appendix 10 of consultation paper CP11/1.

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