The FCA extended the SM&CR to insurers from 10th December 2018 and will do to solo regulated firms from 9th December 2019, this will replace the existing Approved Persons Regime.

What does SM&CR mean to me?

Firms should be planning for the new regulation in good time. Complyport has put together a free diagnostics tool to help you understand where you sit in the SM&CR spectrum and to assist next steps and an action plan.

To request a copy of our SM&CR Project Plan, please email us at

How can we help?

SM&CR Readiness Audit and Consultation

We can provide a readiness audit to assist compliance and HR teams to understand the steps required to be compliant.

Our experienced team will guide you through the new rules and regulations and provide practical solutions to ensure that you meet the regulator’s expectations.


We can furnish you with a full suite of compliant template documentation and necessary checklists including leavers lists, regulatory references and, responsibilities maps.


Whether it be access to our SM&CR and conduct rules e-learning material or bespoke face to face training for your team, we can equip you with the essential skills to manage the new regulation.

Portal Solution

Our online compliance solution provides an application to help you manage the requirements of SM&CR. This includes:

  • Online SM&CR Monitoring Programme;
  • Registers — Responsibilities Maps, Certifications Maps and Training and Competence registers;
  • Policy Library with the ability to run firm wide attestation;
  • Declarations;
  • SM&CR Risk Management Tool — A tool used to manage workflow and monitor SM&CR compliance.

To assist with record keeping, all the information within Portal is held within an audit driven environment, meaning that the information cannot be changed but can be added to in the form of additional notes.