Thematic Review: Wealth Management and Suitability

The FCA has published its thematic review of wealth management firms and private banks and the suitability of investment portfolios (TR15/12).

This is not the first time the regulator has reviewed the suitability of client portfolios – the FSA expressed its concerns in a ‘Dear CEO’ letter in June 2011 and this was touched upon in a speech by Clive Adamson at the FSA Asset Management Conference in September 2012 (see Regulatory Roundup 31 and 44). The purpose of the thematic review was to determine whether asset management firms had acted on the previous concerns expressed.

The thematic review assessed 150 files from 15 firms, with follow-up visits to a number of them.

Some improvement was identified but there was also a wide variation in the performance of wealth management firms sampled and “many still need to raise their standards – in some cases substantially…”.

This is best illustrated by the finding that whilst one-third of firms sampled raised no substantial concerns, the remaining two-thirds either fell substantially short of expected standards or required some improvements. In terms of the 150 customer files reviewed, around 59% were either deemed to indicate a high risk of unsuitability or were unclear (as in insufficient information to make an assessment or where information presented was inconsistent or confusing). By way of comparison, the previous work undertaken indicated that 79% of files fell within the high risk/unclear category.

Customers’ risk appetite is a recurring theme and the review comments that in a significant number of firms, a customer’s attitude to risk was not recorded on the client file. In other cases, examples were found of customers who gave conflicting or inconsistent responses on their risk appetite and capacity for loss.

The publication makes it clear that:

  • Firms should take note of the findings and ensure that they are able to demonstrate how the portfolios they manage are suitable
  • Senior management are expected to consider whether any of the concerns raised are reflected in their own firms’ practices and to take any necessary action.

With the above in mind, Annex 2 of TR15/12 provides a table of ‘good’ and ‘poor’ practices found which wealth management firms may find of interest. Areas include effective monitoring, governance and controls and, of course, risk appetite and the matching of the customers’ portfolios.


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