Who We Help

We have deep knowledge and experience dealing with a broad range of sectors and client types. These vary from start-up organizations, who we assist with FCA authorisation and implementation of a compliance structure, to large multinational firms who require specialist projects or ongoing compliance support. We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients and pride ourselves on building long term relationships. Our experience is hands on and we will work with you to achieve your objectives.

Asset Management
At Complyport, we can help you understand new regulations and how they apply to your firm through telephone and email advice, internal compliance briefings and staff training to ensure your firm always remains compliant

Banks and Building Societies
From advice to horizon scanning and even secondment, we can assist banks and building societies with the future regulations to ensure you are never caught off guard.

Digital Assets
Complyport understands that this fast evolving sector needs continued support as regulators continue to take a deeper interest.

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Broker Dealers
Whether it is a FCA authorisation or a license in an EU jurisdiction, Complyport can support broker dealers, FX and CFD brokers getting established as well as provide them expert on-going support to stay compliant.

Consumer Credit
The ongoing compliance required when offering finance to your customers can impact your business’ administration. Complyport can assist by alleviating this with compliance support as well as consumer credit authorisations.

Financial Advisers
From high street financial advisers to IFA networks, our team of experts can support firms with their on-going compliance and regulation requirements.

The needs of Product Providers, Platforms and Fintech startups will evolve, change and differ as your business grows. Complyport is attune to the these on-going needs and can provide bespoke solutions to ensure your business stays compliant whilst has the flexibility to expand.

The insurance industry has faced a number of regulatory changes in recent years with future changes still to come. Whether it is insurance broking, underwriting or reinsurance, Complyport has specialists who know and understand your sector and the regulatory challenges it faces.

Complyport's expert consultants can be on-hand if your practice requires a financial services or regulatory expert witness as well as provide advice into law firms and barristers chambers on all matters relating to financial services compliance.

Mortgage Intermediaries & Brokers
Helping the public purchase a home and the compliance that comes with working with retail clients can be time-consuming. Sign up with Complyport for assistance with your on-going compliance needs as well as those one off compliance & regulatory questions.

Payment Systems
The payments and electronic money industry is facing significant amounts of digital disruption. We can assist new PI and EMI startups as well as established authorised payment and electronic money institutions with their compliance and the changing landscape of regulation.

Peer-to-Peer Financial Services
Since it's inception, the P2P and crowdfunding industry has grown and expanded significantly. But serving customers as both investors and lenders subjects peer-to-peer financial services firms to more than one of the FCA's rulebooks. Complyport can assist P2P firms with this challenge as well as the day to day advice needed to compliant.

Whether it is providing best practice advice, delivering briefings or organising training, Complyport can assist new and well established regulators with new developments and trends within the financial services market.

Retail Financial Services
Serving a retail client-base often brings a high degree of scrutiny from regulatory bodies. Complyport can help ensure your business remains compliant, through briefings, outsourced support and on-going advice.

Wealth Management
Regardless of whether you are institutionally or retail focused, are a family office or even a Occupational Pension Scheme, we can assist the spectrum that is the Wealth Management industry. From outsourcing compliance to us through to having Complyport assist on an ad-hoc basis, we have specialists who know, understand and have worked in your industry.

Wholesale Banking
Providing wholesale banking services to large clients such as government agencies, corporations, other banks and financial institutions can bring unique compliance and regulatory challenges. From outsourced support and secondment to project management and advice, Complyport can support your firm regardless of the work you are undertaking, such as M&A, underwriting, capital financing and more.