‘Whistleblower’ or ‘Key Workplace Witness’?

Following on from his previous article, ‘Whistleblowers’ – What’s in a Name? Everything I suggest, Ian Hynes suggests an alternative.

Contributed article; Ian Hynes, CEO Intersol Global

In essence, the previous article addressed two pressing issues as this topic attracts increasing scrutiny.

First, the actual terminology, and second, the process of securing witnesses information and ‘converting’ it into evidence if appropriate and proportionate.

As workplace investigations become more significant in identifying and mitigating risk so the methodology of interviewing witnesses attracts closer scrutiny. Root cause analysis has never been more crucial, similarly the valuable information a workplace witness may be able to offer.

In a maturing workplace environment, and against a background of systemic cultural change, it is surely time to moderate the cognitive bias messages attached to the phrase ‘whistleblower’? (See previous post), in favour of the concept of a ‘Key Workplace Witness”? (KWW), reducing the stigma automatically attached to the phrase?

Please don’t confuse this with the vital imperative of open minded and non-judgmental interviewing and investigation, quite the opposite, and nothing other than robust exploration of a KWW account is advocated (to expose the mischief maker and their own misdemeanour as a priority).

Recognising the sensitivities and key nature of this environment Intersol Global have developed a series of strategies that support the process of comprehensively de-briefing and interviewing KWWs with the best chance of securing their information and converting it to testimony that will withstand the closest forensic scrutiny of either tribunal or highest criminal court(s) should criminality be exposed.

As a first step lets start with semantics and promote the more accurate concept of a ‘Key Workplace Witness’ (KWW), ‘process’ them and their information professionally, expose charlatans, but value the incredible (and brave) contribution that can be made to expose the occasional malignancy and maleficence in the workplace.

Please help and support by promoting the concept of KWWs within your networks if you are similarly inclined.

A period of pain and excision is so often vital for long-term health to flourish!

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