FCA fines Kevin Gorman

The FCA has fined Kevin Gorman £45,000 for failing to notify personal trades carried out in his capacity as a person discharging managerial responsibility (PDMR).

Kevin Gorman, a former Managing Director at Braemar Shipping Services Plc (Braemar), was likely to have inside information on the functioning of the company as well as the power to make managerial decisions which may have an impact on the future development of the company. Under Article3(1)(25) of the Market Abuse Regulations (MAR), Mr Gorman was considered as a PDMR.

Article 19(1) of MAR requires PDMRs, and persons closely related to them, to notify the respective Authority and the issuer regarding any transaction carried out on their account in their issuer’s shares, debt instruments, derivatives or other linked financial instruments no later than three business days after the transactions if their total amount per calendar year has reached €5,000. Then, the issuers under Article 19(3) must publicly announce that information no later than within three business days after the transaction.

FCA investigations proved that Mr Gorman breached Article 19(1) of MAR on three separate occasions by selling the issuer’s shares without notifying neither the issuer nor the Authority, in the timeframe specified by the regulation. Consequently, Braemar was not able to publicly announce the information to the market as required under Article 19(3) of MAR. Also, Mr Gorman failed to comply with Braemar’s internal policies which required authorisation before the trade.

Mr Gorman agreed to resolve this matter and therefore qualified for a 30% discount under the FCA’s settlement discount scheme. Without this discount, the fine would have been £64,300.


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